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PHP is one of the most popular and widely used open-source server-side scripting languages. There are about 20m websites using PHP, including top websites like Facebook, WordPress, etc. PHP has detailed documentation, huge community, various ready to use scripts, well supported frameworks and importantly it is much easier to start with PHP than other scripting languages (Python, Ruby, etc). These are some good reasons why many Website developers prefer it to other scripting languages.

Small PHP Scripts is filled with lots of useful scripts related to SEO, PPC, Networks, Local Search, Social Media, Finance, Education, Maps, Mobile, etc. Start Browsing the list of PHP Scripts that we currently offer and more are being built.

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Social Media Wordpress Plugin

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Popular Scripts

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  • Wordpress Theme Detection Script
  • Onpage Seo Analysis Script
  • Ultimate Keyword Ideas Finder Script
  • Google Places Api Search Script
  • Youtube Videos And Channels Stats Script
  • Worldwide Website Status Checker Script
  • Website Stats Checker Script
  • Website Mobile Compatibility Test Script
  • Website Built With Technology Checker Script
  • Website Malware Checker Script
  • Url Shortener Script
  • Serp Ads Extractor Script
  • Social Media Engagement Score Script
  • Seo Score Script
  • Seo Pricing Script
  • Multiple Dns Lookup Script
  • Keyword Position Checker Script
  • Local Business Listings Checker Script
  • Instant Search And Shopping Suggest Script
  • Ip Location Finder Script
  • Google Serp Checker Script
  • Duplicate Content Checker Script
  • Domain Dns Health Check Script
  • Website Source Code Download Script
  • Pwned Email Checker Script
  • Similar Website Search Script
  • Google Maps Distance Calculator Script
  • Multi Language Dictionary Script
  • Email Subscribe Script
  • Html Css Js Compressor Script
  • Website Security Audit Script
  • Website Extract Emails Script
  • Serp Email Extractor Script
  • Google Plagiarism Detection Script
  • Amazon Asin Salesrank Lookup Script
  • Amazon Discount Search Script
  • Wikipedia Search Script
  • Url Submit Script
  • Reverse Phone Number Search Script